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  • 8 Days in Iceland, including Ring Road

    8 Days in Iceland, including Ring Road

    Ever since we spent our winter honeymoon in Iceland, we have wanted to return in the summer to see the “greener” version of the country. Iceland was a beautiful, romantic, snowy, destination for us with the beautiful Christmas decor. BUT, the weather made it a challenge, so we were excited to go back for a […]

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  • Roadtrip to Isle of Skye, Scotland

    Roadtrip to Isle of Skye, Scotland

    Our roadtrip to the Isle of Skye was full of stunning landscape and the unparalleled beauty of Scotland.

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  • A quick trip to Kiev

    A quick trip to Kiev

    Author’s Note: I visited Kiev months before Covid hit, I’m just getting around to posting it now. As is my norm, I write the posts shortly after returning, and then procrastinate for a range of 2-18 months before going through my photos. Sorry, not sorry. By now, most of you know how much I love […]

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  • A Week in Cornwall, England

    A Week in Cornwall, England

    Cornwall has been on the top of my England travel list for awhile, but I just hadn’t made it there yet. . Every time we travel within England, it’s always amazing, but the lure of the $50 roundtrip flights out of Stansted sometimes puts trips within England on the back burner. For those unfamiliar, Cornwall […]

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