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  • Brussels, Belgium

    We had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Belgium recently, and I’m so glad we did! We’d gone to Brugge last year, but hadn’t been to Brussels yet. Living in England, Belgium is an easy drive – you just need to book a crossing on the Chunnel or a ferry. We opted for […]

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  • Oswiecim, Poland

    Oswiecim, Poland

    Oswiecim. Translation: Auschwitz. I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone want to visit a Nazi Extermination Camp and witness the horrors and remnants of a cold, calculated plan that can only be described as pure evil? The sheer magnitude of it all, even viewed from a distance in our books, computer screens, and televisions, […]

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  • Ickworth House and Gardens

    Ickworth House and Gardens

    The Ickworth House is a beautiful neoclassical house set in the countryside near Bury St. Edmunds. The estate was established in 1467 and the current house was built around 1800. The estate was the Hervey family’s home for 500 years. Presently, there is a hotel on the site, but you can still tour the original […]

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  • Nuremberg, Germany

    Nuremberg, Germany

    Ask people who have traveled all over Germany and they will tell you that while they love metropolitan areas like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt — the smaller German towns and villages provide the most authentic experiences. Nuremberg is certainly no exception! A charming riverside city easily accessible by train, with a walled-in Old Town, beautiful […]

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