About Me

Ciao!! My name is Kristen and I’m currently living in England while exploring as much of Europe as possible. If you’ve stumbled upon my page, you should know I love to talk, go to the beach, travel, read, pet stranger’s dogs, look at pictures of dogs (and lions, polar bears, lambs, etc) on the internet, drink wine, eat carbs, and ride my bike (while reminiscing about my former life as an Ironman triathlete). Now the only endurance activities I participate in are long walks while exploring new cities and places and binging on Netflix. When I’m not participating in the previously mentioned activities, you can find me teaching little ones. Growing up, I enjoyed writing, but never had a purpose for it. I’m hoping I can document my adventures and share my passion for travel and photography, in a way that inspires you to explore somewhere new. I’ve learned that spontaneous travel plans (well, spontaneous as in “do you want to some place we’ve never heard of in Norway next month?”) often make for the best memories. Some of the places I’ve visited have opened my eyes to experiences I never thought I would have. Thank you for following my adventures!