Belfast and the Giants Causeway

Living in England, I’m trying to visit as many European countries as possible. Surprisingly, after almost two years, I realized I hadn’t yet made it to Ireland OR Northern Ireland! There are so many places to visit, and so little time. Ireland and Belfast was somewhere my mom was interested in visiting as well, soContinue reading “Belfast and the Giants Causeway”

Pembrokeshire, Wales – a weekend on the coast!

Before I moved to England, I thought the United Kingdom was entirely synonymous with England. I guess I just thought Wales (and Scotland) were their own separate countries. Wales is definitely in driving distance (around 5 hours) from where we live, and the thought of driving to another country is just so cool! Especially whenContinue reading “Pembrokeshire, Wales – a weekend on the coast!”

Dorset, and the Jurassic Coast of England

I kept hearing about the Jurassic Coast and how it was so beautiful, but I never really knew WHAT it is was. I just knew England has impressive coastlines. A quick google search, and it immediately went on my list of “must see” places in England! Living in England, we have access to many discountContinue reading “Dorset, and the Jurassic Coast of England”

The Maltese Islands of Gozo and Comino

I booked our trip to Malta without fully researching what to do and how long to stay. I was shocked to learn there was so much to do, and more than one island! Most of our trips, with the exception of summer and winter holiday, are short 2-3 day trips, so I was originally worriedContinue reading “The Maltese Islands of Gozo and Comino”

Brussels, Belgium

We had the opportunity to take a quick trip to Belgium recently, and I’m so glad we did! We’d gone to Brugge last year, but hadn’t been to Brussels yet. Living in England, Belgium is an easy drive – you just need to book a crossing on the Chunnel or a ferry. We opted forContinue reading “Brussels, Belgium”