A Week in Cornwall, England

Cornwall has been on the top of my England travel list for awhile, but I just hadn’t made it there yet. . Every time we travel within England, it’s always amazing, but the lure of the $50 roundtrip flights out of Stansted sometimes puts trips within England on the back burner. For those unfamiliar, Cornwall…

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I constantly have a list of places I want to visit, and to be honest, it keeps getting longer. You’d think after hitting 30 countries my list would become shorter, but that is clearly not the case. Every time I travel, it opens me up to the possibility of places I’d never thought I’d consider….

A weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a place that intrigued for a while, but I put off going there, because it’s so close. In fact, I haven’t been to Paris either for the same reason. I’m not sure what my logic behind it is – I guess I just think I could do a roadtrip there at any time….

Galway and the Cliffs of Moher

People are obsessed with Ireland. More specifically, it seems Americans are obsessed with all things Irish. I’m pretty sure we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day harder than Ireland does. I’m willing to venture a guess that Ireland is one of the top European travel destinations for Americans. After all, it is the “closest”. A flight from…

Five Favorites in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is one of those cities that is on almost everyone’s bucket list. It was never high on my list, but I knew it was somewhere I wanted to go, especially with it’s close proximity to England. I’m past the age where drinking in bars or pubs is what I want out of a trip,…